About Chess Portraits

Chess portraits is a fine art project by Francesco Ridolfi, an Italian photographer working between Italy and Belgium.

“Often, inside each one of us, opposing drives make themselves felt and alternate within as light illuminates and shadow darkens our minds. Black and White. Good plays Evil.

Chess figures offer an opportunity to explore this dualism. They provide a set of archetypes that convey different aspects of human nature.

They throw us into relief; they highlight us in shadow and light. Blacks and Whites.”

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Since the launch of the project, in a few weeks, Chess Portraits has been profiled in over 50 blogs and major websites worldwide. Here is a small selection of them

Making of


  • Francesco Ridolfi : Concept, Photography and Post Production
  • Gemma Benassi: Set and Production Assistance
  • Stefano Ridolfi : Video Editing
  • Elena Rapa : Clothes Design
  • Anna Rizzoli - Scissor Lab : Dress Production
  • Andrea Aiudi - Creo Arredamenti : Props Production
  • Marica Bertolin : Make-up
  • Wobinda Production : Casting Support
  • Francesco Ciampi : The King
  • Milena Kundic : The Queen
  • Toni Pandolfo : The Bishop
  • Antonio Rocco : The Rook
  • Portia Cheri : The Knight
  • Luca Mazzamurro : The Pawn

About Francesco

Francesco Ridolfi is a portrait photographer who normally shoots for advertising and editorial projects. Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, he now splits his time between Brussels, Milan and Bologna working for different clients and assignments.

Find out more at his website: www.francescoridolfi.com